Adam Lister
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Adam Lister Regular price $175.00

20 Editions

3D printed plaster, wax

Each piece is crafted in 3D printed plaster with a thin layer of wax in matte finish and comes with artist signed Certificate Of Authenticity and a pair of white cotton gloves.  



"Skull" is inspired by one of my original watercolor paintings of a human skull. This subject matter has been a constant source of interest to me throughout my work over the past few years. The skull is a self portrait of the human race. It’s a reminder of our fragile existence and the fact that under our skin, at our core, we are all the same. This sculpture is based on the geometric hard edge approach I’ve been using in my paintings. It relates to architecture and mathematics, drawing connections between time and structure, and the delicate unavoidability of death.


3.7"H x 2.6"W x 2.6"D inches
9.4 H x 6.6 W x 6.6 D cm

Production Time

4 - 5 weeks
Adam Lister's new "Skull" editions will be released on August 22nd and pre-orders will be delivered as the first batch.
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