Seedling (WOAW Exclusive)

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Seedling (WOAW Exclusive)

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15 Editions

Cast resin, 18K Gold satin finish

Each piece comes with artist hand-signed Certificate Of Authenticity and a pair of white gloves for art handling. The gold edition will be exclusively available at WOAW in Hong Kong. 

Release on August 30th with WOAW in Hong Kong

Pre-Order now. 


This sculpture is Rostarr's trademarked icon, which represents the seed of creative fertility.


9"H x 6"W x 6"D inches
22.9 H x 15.2 W x 15.2 D cm
1.6lb (0.7kg)

Production Time

4-5 weeks
Rostarr's latest "Seedling" sculptures will be released on August 30th and pre-orders will be delivered as the first batch.