Big Tray

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Big Tray

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200 editions

3D printed plaster

Each piece comes with a pair of white cotton gloves and artist signed Certificate Of Authenticity. 


The collection is called "Moon Tides" because the objects reflect off of each other with the repetition of colorful geometric shapes, marble waves and moon-like terrazzo. Tide is the rise and fall of water caused by gravitational forces of the moon and sun on the oceans of the earth. There are tidal cycles each day that contain two high tides and two low. Between high and low tide there is a current flow. This series explores that pull of movement and a tension that eases and tightens, while still maintaining an intricate balance throughout.


1H x 7.5W inches
2.5 x 19 cm
0.4lb (0.2kg)

Production Time

3-4 weeks
Our process consists of a combination of 3d fabrication and hand finishing. Once you make a purchase, your item is individually produced as soon as possible. Our team will keep you advised of your product's status from purchase to delivery.
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