Dan Alva
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200 Editions

Each piece is crafted in resin with high gloss finish.


Trash bags are a symbol of our culture’s obsession with waste, filled with overlooked objects that are disregarded and literally thrown away. However, they are constantly changing shape depending on their contents, making no two trash bags alike.
In Odds & Ends, Dan Alva has teamed up with UB to create a series of sculptures inspired by trash found in different cities in the United States. To create each series, we handcrafted 3D printed resin, then molded, casted, and hand-polished each piece with high gloss finish. All three cities have a different design and color-way. For Miami, the design of the sculpture is taken directly from a group of trash bags found in the streets of Wynwood.


10 H x 10.9 W x 7.5 D inches
25.4 x 27.69 x 19 cm
8lb (3.6kg)

Production Time

3-4 weeks
Our process consists of a combination of 3d fabrication and hand finishing. Once you make a purchase, your item is individually produced as soon as possible. Our team will keep you advised of your product's status from purchase to delivery.
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