Alan Fears

'A naive artist, a graphic artist, a pop artist... I am a slice of each. My style is simple and direct. The theme in most of my art revolves around reminding myself, and everybody else, how great and stupid humans can be and therefore how great and stupid life can be.'
Alan Fears (b. 1974) is a British artist who in 2018 was shortlisted for the John Moores painting prize, selected for the 2018 RA Summer Exhibition and collaborated with the Italian Fashion house MARNI to create an animation to launch the opening of their Parisian boutique.
Alan Fears' vibrant paintings offer snapshots of human behaviour with their frailties and absurdities yet with a sympathetic view of the human race. His whimsical narratives encapsulate joy and warmth with the power to uplift.

'Howdy Partner’ cowboy sculpture:
There is something flamboyant about cowboys, so I wanted to create a character that embodies this. 
'What I like about humans is the way that they try to be better than they are, so I try to enhance that theme in the hope that people feel connected by how silly we all are at times. There’s something sweet and ridiculous about people, so if I can portray characters in my work in a  way that makes the viewer empathize with a fellow human being, then it’s a success to me.’