Charlotte Taylor

Artist and designer from London. Examining the parallels of architectural shape, objects and space through a process of photographic documentation, sculpture and digital compositions.
Composing a personal understanding and language of architecture by dismantling the practice. Combining real and imagined spaces to construct utopic places, detaching them from architectural practice with fictive elements highlighting the peculiarities in perspective and form. 
 Materiality and its displacement throughout such process play into the fabricated undertone of the work, shifting between digital and constructed medium. 3D printing objects builds upon my interest of the blurring between digital and physical mediums, extending my prints into a solid state. 
My spatial compositions act as very distant and utopic spaces, by removing objects from the digital frame into real space brings the spaces closer to reality and introduces fictional elements in real interiors.  
The forms and colours of the vases are very much a product of the spaces I image them to inhabit, adopting their shape, tonality and shadows from constructed spaces. The colours are influenced largely by my travels through Mexico, California and Italy, with an emphasis on shadow, light and pastel hues

The intersection between art and design is core to my practice, thus, I see my work as both art and design. It can be viewed as a sculptural object as a functional vase, I enjoy the object taking on different roles. 
My process is back and forth between sculptural and 2-dimensional work. I create spaces as a collective that I then reinterpret as prints, the process for each drawing is different, some come out of a model or render, other photographic or sketch based. Aside from my spatial installations, the 3d aspect of my work normally remains in the process, it's really interesting for me to explore this a final piece in itself. 

photo credit: Thom Atkinson via hole&corner